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Our Training

  • Our training approach has been designed to achieve the following specific objectives:
  • Teach users the new tools, systems and procedures of the Project implementation.
  • Communicate new benefits and efficiencies.
  • Deliver training at the time of need and in the correct format.
  • Provide training that is relevant and appropriate to the audience.
  • Design training that is uniform in style across courses.
  • Provide a variety of training delivery mechanisms, each customized to the specific skills and knowledge being taught.
  • Develop content and delivery mechanisms that are synchronized with ECC Work’s current approach.
  • Build a modularized curriculum that provides active, hands-on practice.
  • Provide flexible performance support resources and encourage their use.
  • Identify opportunities for personnel and training infrastructure improvements that can enable a smoother transition to the SAP functionality and processes; advocate for change where necessary.
  • Develop an approach that is forward-looking, one that works in concert with other current initiative training development efforts to anticipate and guide future training standards at ECC.