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Vision & Mission

ECC was born from the absolute growing importance of communications, the ever dynamic “Information Technology” field and the essentials of security.

ECC knows and understands the magnitude of complications and difficulties of entrepreneurial companies facing the technological and professional establishment. The amount of competition on national and international levels has become increasingly high. The goal of many corporations today is to find the best means to become technologically efficient and secure through the use of the internet and other computer systems based on applications.

ECC adopted the “end user” culture to enlighten and educate end-users in how to improve their IT usage and networking technologies.

ECC is one of the developmental tools that many companies have benefited from, in order to facilitate new adaptable technologies, according to the geographical region. Since 2012,ECC have been continuously working hard to implement international technologies and standards into the region.

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:: NOC Management ::

slider - QoS studies and reports
- Trouble Shooting
- Performance Monitoring
- Event Management
- Integrated Solutions

:: Projects Management ::

slider - Analysis & Studies
- Management
- Economic studies
- Evaluation and Supervision
- Handover

:: Risk Management ::

slider - Network Security
- Server Security
- Security Policies
- Loss Prevention and Data Recovery

:: Infrastructure Planning ::

slider - Servers Plants&Data Centers
- Networking "Cabling - Data Points"
- Wireless Networks
- Storage Planning
- Cloud Computing
- VoIP "Hardware - Software"
- Power and Cooling